Talkman User Guide

This guide will help you set up and use the VoiceCheck application for Talkman devices. Refer to the VoiceCheck User Guide for information on how to use the VoiceCheck user interface.

Features in Android and Talkman

This table is a quick reference guide for commonly used features and functionality in the Android and Talkman applications.

Feature Android Application Talkman
Single Sign On Supported Unavailable
Headset Pairing Headset Pairing for Android Devices Headset Pairing for Talkman Devices
Language Selection Available from Settings Available in VoiceConsole
Voiceless Mode Available while using screen input Unavailable
Authentication Type password Speak 4-digit numeric access code
Work Type Choice Menu-based (see Starting Work) Speak Work ID, Create New
Help Access Help options from the main menu Say "Talkman help" to hear a list of all available responses and commands
Report a Problem Logs sent to VoiceCheck Logs sent to VoiceConsole
Mobile-device Management Available in VoiceCheck Available in VoiceConsole
Operational Acuity Data feed to Operational Acuity; settings in VoiceCheck Data feed to Operational Acuity; settings in VoiceConsole
Multiple Assignments Enable/disable from VoiceCheck settings Enable/disable from VoiceConsole system settings
Vocabulary Threshold Settings Available from Profile Available in VoiceConsole Advanced Settings
Step Prompt Type Fractions are not supported All types supported. Photos require a peripheral to connect to the Talkman.
Assignment Progress Indicator Progress bar and step completion counter Unavailable
Current State Information Current Operator and Assignment shown in application Unavailable
Auto Mute on Microphone Boom Up Available when using an SRX3 headset Unavailable
Retrain Vocabulary Available in VoiceCheck Available in VoiceCheck
Server Session Timeout Data is safe Data is lost
Looping Available in VoiceCheck Available in VoiceCheck
Memos Saved to server Saved on device until assignment is complete
Labor Tracking Start Time and End Time are tracked for each step result Total time spent is tracked
Undo Last Entry Start time remains the same Start time remains the same

VoiceCheck Supported Languages

  • English (United States) [en_US]
  • German (Germany) [de_DE]
  • Spanish (Latin America) [es_MX]
  • Japanese (Japan) [ja_JP)]
  • French (Canadian) [fr_CA]
  • French (France) [fr_FR]
  • English (United States) [en_US]
  • German (Germany) [de_DE]
  • Spanish (Latin America) [es_MX]
  • French (Canadian) [fr_CA]

Getting Started

Device verifies operator and speaks welcome message

You: "ready"

Device: "access code?"

You: (say access code)

Device: (confirms code) "work ID?"

You: say "assigned work" and say "yes" or "no" to the work IDs spoken

Device: "to start work, say ready"

You: "ready"

Device: "section (section name)"

You: "ready"

Starting Work

Change Site

Select a new site at the welcome or password prompts.

Assigned Work

Hear pre-assigned work at the "work ID" prompt.

Step Responses

Speaking numbers

  • Say "point" for a decimal place
  • Say "zero" instead of "oh"
  • Say "two six" for 26 instead of "twenty-six"
  • Say "one and five eighths" for 1⅝
  • Say "two even" when a fraction is expected
  • Say "zero four"..."one five"..."one six" for 04/15/2016
  • If no device response, say "ready" after number

Speaking long numbers

Example: Serial number 123456-789

Device: "enter serial number"

You: "one two three" (pause)

Device: "1 2 3"

You: "four five six" (pause)

Device: "4 5 6"

You: "dash seven eight nine, ready"

Device: "1 2 3 4 5 6 - 7 8 9, correct?"

You: "yes"

Correcting mistakes:

You: "four five seven" (pause)

Device: "4 5 7"

You: "no"

Device: (returns to last entry) "1 2 3"

You: "four five six" (pause)

Device: "4 5 6"

You: repeat "no" as needed to go all the way back

Device: "Enter serial number"

Picking from a list

Say all applicable list items

If no device response, say "no more" to exit list

Say "options" to hear the list items one by one

Say "yes" or "no" after each item

Then say "no more" to stop selecting

Say "Talkman help" to hear the list of all available responses and commands


View list on screen

Say "code (number of item)"

Repeat for each applicable answer

Then say "no more" to stop entry

Entering Parts

Device: "part number?"

You: (say two or more consecutive digits—not letters)

Device: (lists first match for part name)

You: (say yes or no to confirm part name)

Device: (lists first match for P/N)

You: (say yes or no to confirm P/N)

Device: (if no matches) "enter part number"

You: (say part number) or "switch input" (to say or spell part name)

Recording a VoiceNote

Device prompts to record a note

You: "ready"

Device: (start tone)

You: (speak a note. Wait for tone or press Play/Pause)

Device: (end tone) "add another note?"

You: (say yes or no) or "does not apply" or "skip step" (to record this note later)

Recording & Playing memos

You: "record memo"

Device: (confirms command; at "yes" plays start tone)

You: (speak a comment. Wait for tone or press Play/Pause)

Device: (end tone; returns to assignment)

You: "play memos"

Device: (confirms command; at "yes" plays first memo)

Device: "to continue, say ready"

You: "ready" for next memo or return to assignment if no more memos, "replay" to hear the previous memo again, "delete" to delete the previous memo

Device: (confirms command; at "yes" returns to current prompt)

You: "cancel" to return to assignment

Taking Photos

Device: "Photo?"

You: (tap or click button on display)

You: (take picture)

Device: "Photo?"

You: "no more" or repeat above to take another picture

Record Memo

Begin recording a memo at main workflow prompts.

Play Memos

Hear memos in the order you recorded them.

  • Say "cancel" to stop the playback

Take a Break

Specify a break description to halt work. Say "ready" to start working.

Getting Help

Talkman Help

Hear expected responses for the prompt and all other available commands.

Say again

Hear the current prompt repeated.


Hear the help message for the prompt.


When picking from a list, hear all items one by one.

  • Respond with "yes" to select an item, or "no."
  • Say "no more" to stop selecting items.
Review all

Select from the list of all remaining (unprocessed) parts.

Going Back

Undo Last Entry

Clear the last response and hear the prompt again.

No more

Stop hearing items in a list after saying "options."


Exit a list of work IDs, memo playback, or Review Notes, and return to the assignment.


Hear the previous memo again.

Say again

Hear the current prompt repeated.

Switch input

Change "part number" prompt to "part name."


Skip section or Skip step

Bypass an inspection section or step that can be returned to later.

If you skip a step or section during a looping prompt, the steps can be revisited from the assignment summary screen. However, only one iteration of the looping section will be available. If the user needs to inspect section steps for multiple iterations, they need to close the application and resume the assignment.

Enter parts

Skip all remaining sections to begin parts entry.

Does not apply

Bypass an inspection step and never go back to it. (Not allowed at mandatory steps.)

Not applicable

Use at "Hardware received?" prompt if part does not exist for this asset.

Device Commands

Talkman sleep

Pause device.

Talkman wake up

Begin using a device that's in sleep mode (segment of status ring is pulsing green).

Talkman battery status

Check the charge on the device battery.

Talkman report problem

Send logs to supervisor for device problems.


Part complete

Stop entry on a part; steps marked "does not apply."

Stop assignment

Leave the assignment to review VoiceNotes or work on another assignment. (Return to the assignment later.)

Talkman sleep

Pause device.

Sign off

Ends work with the device (and leave the assignment).

Finishing Assignments

Reviewing VoiceNotes

Review Notes

When reviewing VoiceNotes, hear the recorded audio through the headset.

  • Stop or complete the assignment.
  • Go to the Review and Submit page in VoiceCheck.
  • Say "review notes" and the note number.
  • Say "cancel" or "no more" to exit.

To review VoiceNotes manually:

  1. Sign on to VoiceCheck.
  2. Find assignment by work ID.
  3. Click to select the assignment.
  4. Click Review and submit selected assignment.
  5. Listen to VoiceNotes.

    Listen by PC speakers:

    • Play (►) - toggles with pause
    • Pause (||) - toggles with play
    • Progress slider - moves ahead or back
    • Volume slider - makes audio louder or softer

    Listen by headset:

    You: "review notes."

    Device: "work ID for review?"

    You: (say work ID)

    Device: "note number"

    You: (say the number of the VoiceNote – "1" above)

    ►Device: (plays VoiceNote), or "note X not found. Note number?"

    You: (say correct VoiceNote number)

  6. Edit transcription in the VoiceNote text field. Field can be blank or up to 1000 characters.
  7. Click a button at the bottom of the page.
    • Click Save Changes to save and exit.
    • Click Cancel to exit without saving.
    • Click Submit Results to submit the transcriptions and all completed step results.
  8. Save changes before you leave or refresh the page.
  9. If listening by headset, say "cancel" or "no more" when the device prompts for a new note number.

Signing Off & Ending Shift

You: "sign off"

Device: confirms sign off.

You: place device in a charger.

You: remove headset battery and place it in a charger.