Headset and Android Device Pairing

SRX3 Headset Pairing

After an SRX3 headset enters low or high power pairing mode, it is available to accept a pairing initiated by a Bluetooth-enabled device. These pairings can be accomplished using a variety of methods:

Touch Pair the SRX3 Headset Using Near Field Communication (NFC)

The SRX3 enters pairing mode as soon as it is powered on.

If the SRX3 headset is not connected, it powers off after 10 minutes in the disconnected state to preserve battery life.

If the USB cable is attached to charge the internal battery, the SRX3 headset disconnects (if connected) and battery charging begins.

  1. Make sure the SRX3 headset is on and is in pairing mode (the LED is solid green).
  2. Locate the NFC tag in the headset eModule under the Power button.
  3. Hold the NFC tag on the eModule close to the back of the device. It may be necessary to move the eModule up and down the back of the device to get the NFC tag close to the NFC radio in the handheld device.

Screen-Based Pairing

Screen-based pairing is the preferred method for pairing an SRX3 headset with a handheld wireless device or PC. This method allows the user to pick a specific headset from a list of available headset Bluetooth addresses displayed on a screen, and eliminates the problem of unwanted cross pairing. Auto and manual pairing processes are not available in screen-based pairing.


  • The headset is powered off.
  • The device is not charging, and there is no wired headset connected to it.
  • The device is in sleep mode — not in use running an application.
  • The device is Bluetooth ready with Bluetooth connection features enabled.
  1. Turn on the SRX3 headset. The SRX3 headset starts up in low power pairing mode.

    Some handheld devices may require the headset to be in high power pairing mode in order to be discovered in the device's pairing inquiry. To change to high power pairing mode, press and release the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons on the headset while it is in low power pairing mode.

  2. Initiate the pairing inquiry from the master device by pressing or clicking the appropriate button on the screen or device.
  3. Hold the headset and wireless device so they are within six inches of each other but not touching.
  4. Select the ID number of the headset you want to use from the Select SRX Headset list on the screen.
  5. Tap, click, or press the appropriate button on the screen or device to create the pairing.

    The device briefly displays that the device attempts to connect to the headset . Once the headset connects, three tones play in the headset, the SRX Headset Status displays as Connected. The pairing confirmation step is skipped because the pairing was specified by the user.

  6. Press the Play/Pause button to begin working.

SRX3 Quick Reference



Power on LED solid green
High double beep
Power off LED turns off
Low double beep
Change volume Press Volume Up or Volume Down
Paired/connected LED blue flash
3 connect tones
Paired/not connected LED green flash
3 disconnect tones
Mute Flip microphone up to mute. (SRX3 only)


Flip-to-mute is supported for the SRX3 headset running the Android app, however the SRX3 firmware must be 4.07 or greater for full support.

  • With firmware 4.07, flipping the microphone to the vertical position mutes the microphone and places the app in standby.

  • With firmware prior to 4.07, flipping the microphone to the vertical position places the app in standby, but the microphone is not muted.