User Options and Commands

The following commands can be spoken at any point in the workflow.

"Vocollect sleep" to pause the device.

"Vocollect wake up" to begin using a device that's in sleep mode (segment of status ring is pulsing green).

User Options

The following options can be spoken or selected from the Select Work screen.

Assigned: Hear or see pre-assigned work.

Available: Hear or see available assignments.

Create: Create a new assignment.

The following options are available from the right hand menu on the Select Work screen.

Change Site: Select a new site.

Take a Break: Allow halting work and choosing a break description. Enter the password to end the break.

Getting Help

Say "I need help" or tap Help from the hamburger menu to access the help menu. The help menu includes the following options:

  1. Current View Details - displays more information about the screen from which the user requested help.
  2. Additional Commands - displays a list of additional commands that can be selected from the current screen.
  3. Trouble Speaking - prompts the user to take a noise sample, asks if a particular word is an issue, and shows how to adjust the headset and microphone.
  4. Trouble Hearing - instructs the user what to say when they don't hear a prompt, gives information on adjusting volume, and allows the user to adjust TTS speed.
  5. Report a Problem - sends logs from the device to the server using the report problem functionality. Read more about the Report Problem feature from User Options and Commands.

"Say again" to hear the current prompt repeated.

"Details" to hear the help message for the prompt.

Going Back

The following commands can be spoken or selected during an assignment.

"Undo Last Entry" to clear the last response and hear the prompt again.

"No more" to stop hearing items in a list after saying "options."

"Cancel" to exit a list of work IDs, memo playback, or Review Notes, and return to the assignment.

"Replay" to hear the previous memo again.


The following commands can be spoken or selected during an assignment.

"Skip section" or "Skip step" to bypass an inspection section or step that can be returned to later.

If you skip a step or section during a looping prompt, the steps can be revisited from the assignment summary screen. However, only one iteration of the looping section will be available. If the user needs to inspect section steps for multiple iterations, they need to close the application and resume the assignment.

"Enter parts" to skip all remaining sections to begin parts entry.

"Does not apply" to bypass an inspection/parts step and never go back to it. (Not allowed at mandatory steps.)

"Not applicable" is spoken after the "Hardware received?" prompt if a part does not exist for this asset.

Starting Work

To start a work assignment:

  1. At the Login screen, enter Operator and Password.
  2. Tap Ready. The Select Work screen appears.
    From here create a new assignment, view assigned assignments, or view all available assignments.

Select an Existing Assignment

  1. From the Select Work screen, tap Assigned or Available to view assigned or available assignments.
  2. Tap the desired assignment on the screen or respond "yes" or "no" to each spoken assignment ID.
  3. The start work screen will appear after you have selected an assignment.

Say or tap Cancel if the desired assignment is not shown. This returns to the Select Work screen.

Create a New Assignment

  1. Tap "Create" and confirm.
  2. Select a plan from the Plan Selection screen.
  3. Enter the full Work ID of the new assignment to be created, then say or tap Ready.
  4. The start work screen appears.

Say "options" at any point in the workflow and respond "yes" or "no" to move through the prompts.

Report a Problem

To report a problem in Android, say "I need help" from any point in the application and select Report a Problem.

Reporting a problem sends logs from the device to the server. This includes:

M&I application logs: all files contained in the /sdcard/Vocollect/logs directory. Sub-directories are not included.

Android logs: all files contained in the /storage/IPSM/logger directory.

The /storage/IPSM/logger directory is only available when the device logging is enabled. Enable device logging from the Android device's Settings menu.


Record Memo: Begin recording a memo at main workflow prompts.

Review Memos: Hear memos in the order recorded.

  • Say "cancel" to stop the playback

Zoom Images

When a step contains an image, tap the image to display the image in full screen mode.

After the image is in full screen mode, pinch in and out to zoom in and out.

Double tap the image to exit full screen mode.

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