Modify Trained Vocabulary

Words can be added or removed from the set of vocabulary words that users are required to train. Training a vocabulary word improves speech recognition. In addition, the sensitivity of vocabulary recognition can be decreased or increased. Modifying vocabulary thresholds can reduce the frequency of noises being identified as speech.

Adding Vocabulary to Train

  1. From the Inspection tab, navigate to Mobile App Configuration.
  2. Under Mobile App Configuration, click Vocabulary. The Edit Training Vocabulary page opens.
    Under, Vocab to Train, select the words you want operators to train so they will be better recognized.
  3. Click Save changes or Cancel.

Removing Trained Vocabulary

  1. In the VoiceForm Editor, navigate to the List Items page.
  2. Click Add/Remove Training Vocabulary. The Edit Training Vocabulary page opens.
    Under, Vocab to Train, uncheck the words that you no longer want operators to train.

If you also want to remove the trained vocabulary from operators who have already trained the words, refer to Manage Operator Templates for information on how to remove trained words from individual operators.

Threshold Settings

The Edit Training Vocabulary page also includes a Threshold Settings section. Raising the threshold of a vocabulary word above 0 (the default) helps prevent background noise from being recognized as a vocabulary word. However, setting a threshold too high may result in operators having to repeat themselves.

Threshold settings allow speech recognition thresholds to be adjusted for all operators. Though operator level threshold settings allow for more flexibility, this feature may need to be applied in certain cases.

Thresholds can be adjusted between 0 and 5 with a range between 0 and 1.9 being generally recommended. The default is 0.

Ranges between 2 and 3 should be used with caution. Honeywell does not recommend going over 3.1.