VoiceCheck User Guide

The VoiceCheck application is the central component of the Honeywell Voice Maintenance & Inspection Solution. It translates inspection plans into voice instructions for Talkman devices to prompt inspection technicians, records technician responses as inspection data, and provides the results to your host system or in a format suitable for report queries.

The VoiceCheck graphical user interface (GUI) provides you with easy access to most system features.

Page Organization

Application Header Bar

The blue bar at the top of any page contains navigation buttons to Administration functions and VoiceCheck:

  • Administration: This section contains settings that control application functionality and user access to GUI pages. It also allows you to view log files and system notifications.
  • VoiceCheck: This section contains data on the operators, assignments, VoiceForms, voice plans, and inspection results that drive your daily inspection operations. It also contains the functionality for technicians to review and transcribe their VoiceNotes and submit their inspection results.


This text line displays the hierarchy of where you are in the application.

Help Links

Two links access the VoiceCheck Online Help. Use Help For This Page to read topics related to the VoiceCheck page you are viewing, and use Browse Help to open and search the full Help application.

Navigation Pane

This area displays:

  • Navigation links to other pages in the application.
  • Action links that can be performed for the data on the current page.

Content Area

This area contains the data you are currently viewing. This data may appear in a table or form view. Table views may display one table or two tables that are linked. On dual-table pages, select one or more rows in the top table to view data in the bottom table that is linked to the rows selected in the top table. Form views allows viewing, creating, or editing information about a single data record.