Care and Use of Voice Equipment

Headsets and Microphones

The headsets and microphones used with the Voice system are delicate pieces of electronic equipment. Proper care and use of these products will ensure that they work well for a long time.

For maximum hygiene, Honeywell discourages sharing headsets among operators.

The design of the SRX2, SRX3, and SRX-SL headsets features an electronic module that can be removed from the headband and windscreen. The electronic module can be shared among operators over multiple shifts, providing some level of hygiene while potentially reducing costs.

Product Use and Care

  • Talkman devices are assembled under strict Honeywell manufacturing guidelines. Tampering with a device in any manner will void published operating specifications and may void the product warranty.
  • When the Talkman is not in use, it should be placed properly into a charger.
  • Never remove the battery from a Talkman device unless it has been properly powered off.
  • Talkman devices are designed to be worn on the right side of the body with the device's buttons on the top and its connectors toward the operator’s back.
  • Always use pads and windscreens with Honeywell headsets to protect the equipment and ensure optimum speech recognition performance.
  • Honeywell recommends changing headset windscreens every 90 days to ensure the best performance.

Use only a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water to clean the hard plastics on equipment. Other products have not been tested and may degrade the equipment.